Musings of a New D-Parent

Just a random assortment of new mom w/D thoughts.

1) Between Bean’s middle of the night wake ups, my cranky CGM, and my leaky boobs, I get approximately 3 solid hours of sleep per night. My Dawn Effect is very confused.

2) My postpartum A1C was much better than expected. I also still spend a fortune on orange juice.

3) I have gotten more “No Delivery” alarms in the past 4 months than I have since I got on the pump in 2006. These alarms usually come when Bean is screaming at me for some reason.

3a) Bean also screams when I have hypoglycemia, a really high blood sugar, or when I have just finished a giant bolus to cover the meal I will eat cold 20 minutes later.

4) I’m really happy coffee has a minimal effect on my blood sugars.

5) Questioning my endocrine system because my hair is falling out in chunks? Nah – that’s just postpartum hair loss. I’m surprised I don’t have a bald spot.

6) I can’t keep up with the latest trends to keep Bean from getting diabetes. Though, we are going to try some Baby Lead Weaning, so I’m kind of excited to watch her gnaw on a rib when she’s older. She’ll probably also get some toast. Or a waffle.

7) My endocrinologist suggested we let Bean “cry it out.” Is that grounds to find a new endocrinologist? (An aside – I’m not opposed to it when she is much, much older, because… toddlers. But she is 5 months old, dude.)

8) Bean’s first word is probably going to be “high” or “juice,” or “meh.” (That last one is totally a word.)

9) I was reminded about TrialNet at my last endo appointment. Apparently I can test Bean for T1 markers, and later have her participate in clinical trials if markers appear – just needs a blood test and a lifetime of worry.

10) I’ve used my CGM or pump as a flashlight to check on my sleeping daughter more times than I can count.

11) I qualified for a free upgrade to the Dexcom Share system since I bought a new receiver in February. Handy, since I seem to have my phone near me than I do my Dexcom receiver.

12) Bean’s room is a black hole for CGM transmissions. I can leave Dex in any room of the house and go anywhere in the house and the signal still works. Except in her room.

13) If Bean is laying on me, or nursing, her diaper will always leak on the pocket housing my insulin pump.

14) When I say that I’m having a crappy pump day to M, I have to be more specific.

15) Thrush is a pain in the ass (or boob?) and just another fun thing to manage as a mom w/D. I assume because I’m a sugary sweet individual, I’m more prone to these infections.


One thought on “Musings of a New D-Parent

  1. Maria m says:

    Youre doing awesome mom!! Hang in there – i havent done it (yet) but i hear that the first year is the hardest. You are an inspiration and thank you for writing ❤

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