December Stitch Fix Review

Happy New Year! And Happy StitchFixFriday!

I haven’t done a review of StitchFix since my first attempt back in 2014. Back then, StitchFix was a fairly new company and had some quirks, but I was generally happy with the service. I get to have someone shop for me based on my preferences and body type and try new styles I normally wouldn’t try.

Since I started back in 2014, they’ve added both a petite section and a maternity section. Woot! Perfect. (Though, I could have used the latter much sooner than it was released.) But hey! At least the pants I get from a Fix don’t drag on the ground. I still wear most of the pieces I’ve picked over the past two years, with the exception of those that have been washed too many times, stretched out, etc.

I’ve had plenty of fails and items where I thought my stylist wasn’t reading anything I wrote. I’ve refined my profile countless times to be more specific and leave detailed feedback after I check out. I keep a rather lengthy Pinterest board, where I pin a lot of StitchFix’s own posts to give them an idea of what I like from what they already have. Very rarely do I keep all items. (Someone once told me that if you keep all five items, it messes with their algorithm or something.) I also discovered that if you want to keep four items, you may as well keep all five because the 25% discount saves a ton of money.

Since I’m heading into a Capsule Wardrobe season, I wanted one last Fix before I stop shopping until March. This round was Fix #11.

My stylist was Katie this time. (I don’t do routine Fixes, so my stylist changes with every order.) Katie’s note mentioned that she looked at my Pin boards, took the colors for my Capsule into consideration, and honored my request for a new tote bag for travel. Good – I like you already, Katie.


Liverpool Collen Straight Leg Jean  ($78)

One of my office mates was raving about Liverpool jeans from her Fix, so when I saw this pair was coming, I got kind of excited. This was also the first Fix I did where I changed the sizing on my pants because previous sizes started feeling a bit larger on me. (Nothing a belt wouldn’t fix, but still.) The pants fit… barely. Like one good meal and I’d have to unbutton. I’m also pretty well set for pants otherwise for this Capsule and future Capsules, so I wasn’t really in the market for a new pair of charcoal jeans. If they were a tad larger, I’d consider because they were the perfect length. Verdict: Return


STREET LEVEL Parvin Suede Detail Tote ($68)

I travel at least quarterly for work – sometimes more – and I usually fly. I’ve been pushing the 2 carry-ons limit for a while. I’m a diabetic and a mom – I don’t travel light. So I wanted a big tote bag that I could disguise as my “personal item” and maybe throw my laptop in it so I don’t have to lug my roller bag on every trip. (Pumping breastmilk on the road complicated air travel, but I don’t have to worry about that next year.) I asked for a large tote bag for my plane trips. Katie obliged and gave me this fun, reversible cobalt blue tote. Loved the color and that it reversed into a neutral tan. But I had envisioned something much larger. (Something I could throw a “satellite bag” in.) It also didn’t help that I found a huge, black Merona tote at Target today for about half the cost. For the amount that I’ll use it, I’m opting out of this particular one. Verdict: Return.


41HAWTHORN Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse ($48)

I own about three 41Hawthorn blouses – I like the brand and this particular cut blouse. I love this color! And it goes with my Capsule color palette nicely. My hang up was that it was that it was really long. Almost like Katie forgot that I was 5’2″. So I tried a couple different things to see if I liked it any better.

If I belt it and roll up the sleeves, it’s actually not bad. I’m glad I kept this belt around as it belonged to another shirt I recently trashed. I will probably feel better about it with the black skinny jeans I already have in my Capsule. Or that fun new blanket scarf I purchased. So – there are plenty of options available to make it work. Verdict: Keep.

41HAWTHORN Jaci V-Neck Blouse  ($58)


Oh, Katie, what is this? I had reservations about this shirt when I saw it pop up on my app. The pointed details on the yoke made me think of Count Von Count a bit.


But, I reserve all judgments until I actually can try it on.

It was worse. The yoke was actually navy, rather than black, like I thought. I’d be open to that type of color combo if it didn’t make me feel like an extra on Star Trek. Verdict: Return.


RD STYLE  Douglas Cowl Neck Sweater ($68)


I’ve been asking my stylists for cozy sweaters for about three Fixes now. Each time, something was always wrong with it, or it just sort of hung on my frame, or it was a drab color. And it’s hard to find a good sweater out here that won’t be threadbare after a few washings or that makes me feel like I’m drowning in knit. Katie finally wins with this purple cowl neck sweater. It’s got texture, it’s purple, and it has a good cut for my body type. Success! Verdict: Keep.


Don’t you want to try StitchFix now? Visit their website and start a Profile today. You can shop while I don’t shop for three months. Ha!

Disclaimer: No, I didn’t get asked to review StitchFix. I’m just spreading the word about their service and telling it like it is. However, if you click the link above and schedule a Fix, I do get a little bit of a kick back referral bonus.


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