Friday Five: Rainy Wedding Weekend Edition

Some final tidbits to leave you with for the weekend. This d-blogger was busy this week.


  1. Oh hey, look. You now have an earworm for your Friday afternoon. You’re welcome. When was the last time you did the Zumba routine to that one? You didn’t know there was one?! There is – I don’t recommend doing it in high heels.

  2. Dance injuries have turned into toddler injuries. I spent the better part of two years with a brace around my right wrist due to a routine trick gone horribly wrong. I’m no stranger to these acute aches and pains, so when my left wrist flared up, I just braced it for two weeks, took some Motrin, and re-thought about how I was using the wrist. Two and half weeks went by and the pain was about the same, if not worse on some days. Fine. Off to the doctor. Turns out I have De Quervain’s tenosynovitis – also know as tendons that connect my thumb to my wrist just hurt like hell. My options were splint my thumb for two weeks (nope) or get a cortisone shot and maybe some PT. I opted for the shot, even though cortisone injections do a number on my blood sugars. But, hey, my wrist doesn’t hurt THAT much anymore. (And my blood sugars have remained relatively stable.) I probably got this ailment I can’t pronounce from picking up Bean multiple times and having her writhe around in my arms like a rabid monkey. Here is to healing!

  3. I’m looking for new books to read. I signed up for Audible to keep me entertained on my work trips, plus I needed something else to do besides shop aimlessly on ThredUp. My mom group book club picked “In Real Life: A Novel,” which I blew through in three days. Good, fluffy YA lit which left me wondering if this is how teens actually speak nowadays. (The author is a high school teacher.) I downloaded “The Selfie Vote” based on a discussion from the Pantsuit Politics podcast I listen to on my commute. So, now I just need a good audiobook for my train ride at the end of month. (I read Girl on the Train already.)

  4. Dance wedding extravaganza. What happens when two dancers get married? You have one epic dance party… with pizza! My dance teacher and his fiancee are tying the knot this weekend, which seems to be the only weekend in April that forecasts rain. Maybe we can do an anti-rain dance? We’ll probably have enough people.

  5. If you missed my previous post this week about the #suspendbidding movement, please help me (and others) contact legislators about the harmful nature of Medicare’s competitive bidding system. These are the items I use daily to keep me alive and well. People generally like to see me alive and well. (At least I hope so.)

Happy Friday!



2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Rainy Wedding Weekend Edition

  1. Susie says:

    “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” by Jenny Lawson is hilarious. Warning: Don’t choose this book if you want avoid having strangers think you’re crazy. You are likely to laugh out loud at this one.

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