Disney with T1 – The Ultimate Packing List, Part 2

Disneyland with Type 1 Diabetes - SeeJenDance

About three years ago, I wrote a very similar post about navigating the Disney Resort with a broken pancreas. However, times have changed, information was left out, and the post was extremely long. To follow up on this original post, I’m creating shorter series-like posts to reference at different points of trip planning.

Why is this relevant to the non-Disney fan? The Friends for Life Conference is held annually in Orlando, usually on or near Disney property. CWD is also planning a conference at the Disneyland Hotel in September 2016 and  May 2017. (And if you are a parent caring for a CWD, definitely check out a Friends for Life conference if you can.) In between sessions and in the evenings would be a fantastic time to check out the Resort.

These posts are Disneyland Resort, California specific, but the tips can apply to visiting the Resort in Orlando as well. (I just live much closer to “Land.”)

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I promise this list will be a bit shorter than the items to be brought on the vacation itself. Plus, it’s fairly similar to part one; but there is no reason to carry 10 infusion sets inside. (I mean unless you really want to. But, why?)

Let’s assume the hotel or condo of choice is within walking distance. (I.E. Less than a mile from the entrance.) And that everything is being carried in that awesome bag I said to bring in Part 1. There are other lists available on the internet about other items to bring into the Parks (like toys for kids, cash, sunscreen, ponchos, etc.) If traveling with a PWD, add these items to your stash.

  1. Everything needed for a 12 hour period of diabetes. This includes a meter with test strips, a lancing device, a method to administer insulin for meals, a full pump cartridge and functioning battery, a CGM, if used. I feel like this is common sense, but I’ve also accidentally left home without my meter or a vial of fast acting insulin. It happens. Pack it.
    • Aside: try to keep all of these supplies in the same general area of the backpack or purse. Bags are searched upon entry and it’s just easier if stray syringes also accompany the glucose meter. I’ve never had a problem with my supplies being questioned, but who knows.
    • Aside 2: If space allows, pack an extra site change for the insulin pump. Usually, if I have a wayward site, I can leave the Park and walk back to the hotel to change it. But if walking back in 10 minutes isn’t an option, keeping one replacement site on hand is necessary.
  2. Something to wipe down sticky hands. This can be baby wipes, anti-bac wipes or gel, or whatever. There will be times where checking glucose levels need to occur far away from a restroom. Since everything in Disneyland sweats sugar, wiping down before a check will greatly assist in keeping everything accurate.
  3. Snacks and Hypoglycemia treatments. I try to keep several in my bag at the top of the morning and then replenish on a midday break. This is also cheaper than purchasing snacks and big bottles of soda from Disney itself. Glucose gels are handy here because they are quick acting and flat – so they can be layered on top of each other with minimal room.

    • Aside: Disneyland Resorts allows guests to bring in their own food to the parks, so hiding these items at the bottom of a bag isn’t necessary. Bringing in meals is also an option, but I’ll cover that later.
  4. An extra pair of socks. If a midday break isn’t in the plans, pack an extra pair of socks. Water rides are fun, but sitting around in wet socks is not.
  5. Disney with T1D - Packing List part 2 - SeeJenDanceReusable water bottle. Doesn’t matter if one is brought from home or bought at the souvenir stand. High blood sugars thrive on dehydration. Stave off dehydration and purchasing multiple $3-$4 bottles of water by bringing one from home. (I like Klean Kanteens.) The tap water in the Parks is okay (woo, LA Water) – see if the bottle can be filled with ice first or bring some Crystal Light Pure or True Lemon.

Have anything else to suggest? Comment below.


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