Happy New Year

<blows dust off blog>

If I’m blogging, it must be a slow work day. So, you can understand why I haven’t blogged in a while, right? I mean, I could resolve to blog more for the new year, but resolutions are usually broken by mid-February and I don’t like the sound of that.

There is quite a bit going on, all-inclusive, featuring my health and the health of others, dance, my closet (ha!), my family, and spending habits. I spent the last half of 2016 rather lost and I didn’t want to write meandering diatribes here while I figured my way around them. Some might say I’m still lost, but I’m enjoying the scenery a bit more.

I took the mantra, “only write when you feel inspired” a bit too seriously. I had blips of ideas for blog posts during that time, but never got around to writing them. Also, joining a competitive dance team eats up whatever spare time I may have left after my day is done.

I’ve been following the D-community on Twitter to keep a faint pulse on what is happening in that part of my world, but I’m not as in tune as I once was. There is quite a bit going on, so me keeping a faint pulse on the news is more like sitting in a soundproofed room with a rock concert occurring next door – you can still hear the bassline. My main interests have been (now definite) healthcare dismantling reform and insulin/supply costs. So, see… rock concert.

Like most people do, I set up some goals to accomplish during this year. As I was finishing up listening to this week’s edition of Pantsuit Politics, the hostesses closed out the show by sharing their assigned Word of the Year. One hostess has chosen one word to define the entire year ahead of them and then makes goals or lives her life with a focus on that word. For example, one year’s word was “Simplicity” and the goal was to cut out unnecessary items from life. Given my list of goals for 2017, I’ve decided to chose a word myself: “Sustainability.”

The word sustainability automatically triggers a lot of “green” and “eco-friendly” practices and memes for people. This was part of the reason I picked it, but I’m not in the mindset to fall off The Grid and live off the earth alone. (I wouldn’t survive long.) But, can I change things in my life that will sustain my dance hobby – like stretching regularly and becoming more flexible? Can I sustain my income by not shopping as often or dropping stupid purchases? Can I sustain my health by drinking more water, finding a new endocrinologist who I actually like,  and reaching out more to others with my health condition? Can I sustain my relationships by dropping a line to an old friend or having more date nights with my spouse? And yeah – moving toward a less “plastic-dependent” lifestyle and whatnot.

So my plan for this blog is to try and document my year with this word, which, I know, is a bit different than the original premise of being a “d-blog of a dancer.” But, I still hope you find this spot on the internet entertaining and worth reading, even if I’m not dancing as much.


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