Eggs… Eggs Everywhere

Om nom nom

Based on feedback, I decided to bring these yummies to Thanksgiving tomorrow. Here are some notes if you decide to make them.

  • I have no idea why the recipe says use stevia. Especially in that amount. No other stevia recipe I’ve seen uses that much, mostly because it’s so concentrated. So I subbed in Splenda for the exact amounts listed. They are definitely sweet though.
  • This recipe uses EGGS. So many eggs. Five total. Luckily, you only actually use one whole egg. The rest are egg whites. So, if I were to make this again, I’d probably by the “pour your eggs” from a carton to save on time. My little egg separator was taking it’s dear ol’ sweet time.
  • They stick to paper cups really bad. I’d suggest waiting until they are completely cool before taking them for a taste test.
  • They are really dense.
  • I used reduced fat cream cheese rather than fat free.
  • I beat the cream filling ingredients with a hand mixer rather than cleaning out my Kitchen Aid.
  • It passed the hubby approval test.

We’ll see how they stand up against the multitude of other desserts we’ll have tomorrow.


Sugar Free Doesn’t Equal Carb Free

Case in point… these are still 40 grams of carbs. Made with Maltitol. (Why did I buy these again?)

“Sugar free” cupcakes

These little beauts are from a local cupcake only bakery limited to our region. They had a Groupon not too long ago, so I bought it. I know… why is the diabetic buying cupcake Groupons??? As much as I enjoy baking, I don’t always have time for it. Especially elaborate masterpieces like they create.

It was going to expire soon and I was in the vicinity, and I have a slew of young sorority sisters that I’m paying a visit tomorrow. Why not.

So I get 10 non-sugarless cupcakes for them. And 2 sugar free cupcakes for me and the hubs. And I felt like I was the first person to ask the gal behind the counter for nutrition facts. Go me! At least they were prepared. (I’d hope so for special cupcakes like that.)

Since my blood sugars have been running oddly lower than usual during 3/4s of my day, I’ve decided not to dive into these quite yet. Especially since I just know it’s a flat 40 grams… and God knows what else…

Diabetes and Desserts

Just keep swimming… my fun body art from last night’s formal.

First off: Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who have served or are currently serving. Thank you for your time and dedication.

I’ll be spending the observed holiday working from home because I have a massive deadline coming up and I’m nearly done. So – why wait until Tuesday? And, I was reminded that there are only 33 days left until, possibly, my last showcase at my home studio. I have two routines that have completed choreography. (YAY!) Now I just have to practice them both… a lot. Which I’m not doing… at all. Sigh. If only I could learn my routines by osmosis.

But I got the fantastical news from my mom today that I’ve been put in charge of bringing a dessert to Thanksgiving this year. Why we need 4 different types of dessert for 20ish people is beyond me, but whatever. I now get the choice to bring something I can have and not feel guilty about it later.

I have this collection of low sugar desserts on Pinterest, plus a smattering of cool looking gluten free recipes that I might try, pending I can find the ingredients. I also may try a vegan recipe that I know works. But something with Pumpkin in it… or something fall-like is probably a better idea.

Here are my contenders:

1) Stevia Apple Cake – I’ve never worked with Stevia, but I find it creeping up more in recipes. I generally use Splenda, so we’ll see.

2) Pumpkin Brownies – Which just sound amazing, but I’m having a hard time imagining brownies without chocolate.

3) Crustless Mini Pumpkin Pies – This would be interesting to see if subs for whole wheat flour and Splenda would still keep this palatable. I like the portion size… and never liked pumpkin pie crust anyway.

4) Pumpkin Cream Cupcakes – Already has a decent amount of calories kicked out by using low fat/sugarless everything. Can’t imagine the carb count would be out of control either. They just look way too labor intensive for a Wednesday afternoon.

5) Apple Crisp – Duh! This NEEDS to be at every party I attend. And it’s low sugar/fat? Cool.

6) Cinnamon Apple Cake – Sounds delicious. Not sure how I feel working with agave yet.

So those are my options. For the record, the party already has cookies, pumpkin pie, and a small cheesecake coming.

Any thoughts on what I should try?