Chocolate Under the Influence


I really do love Pinterest and the amount of recipes I’ve found for my busy lifestyle, diet habits and pickiness of my hubby. (Can’t complain much – he still cooks a majority of the dinners around here.) People way more creative than I can post their cooking experiments online for the world to try.

And then I can try them and critique them. 🙂

I saw these muffins floating around my boards by a number of different people. I went back to them because 1) I like chocolate, a lot. 2) I like the idea of not incorporating white flour or refined sugar in as many things as possible given my new obsession with post prandial sugars. 3) I like that all of these items were already in my pantry/fridge so I didn’t have to shop for anything special.

Well, so I thought.

I tried these out on Sunday. I had a glass of my Mambo wine again for dinner. (I was still trying to finish the bottle… it kind of grew on me.) I broke out the blender that was inherited from my hubby’s pre-marriage rental home, which may have easily belonged to some other roommate, but it came with us. I added all the ingredients into the blender and made my batter.

Two things went wrong:

1) The blender is horrible. It mixed the bottom half of the ingredients… and only the bottom half. Mental note: when I get a raise, I’m buying a Vitamix.
2) The muffin batter was definitely not chocolate. I had to add in chocolate chips later, but surely it wouldn’t turn that dark by melting chocolate chips. It was weird. I needed cocoa powder. But I read the ingredient listing again and didn’t find any cocoa powder. (Wait…)

So I baked as instructed. I then reread the ingredient list, only to discover that cocoa powder was indeed part of the ingredients list. Hidden, I might add. Whatever… too late now. The muffins are already baking. What could go wrong.

They turned out horrible. Like a gelatinous form of cookie dough with no taste. I usually don’t mind raw dough, but others might. I wasn’t going to keep these around. Tempted to make them again on Sunday, I realized I was out of oatmeal – the base of the muffins. Hm… guess these aren’t happening. Silly Mambo wine.

Tonight I went to the store and bought more oats and egg whites in a carton. (Because I’m lazy.) I cook dinner first and treat myself to a glass of V. Suttui Moscato, which is heavenly. Attempt two included the 3/4 cup of cocoa and some semi sweet chips. My blender is still shit; almost to the point that I much rather would have dealt with my teeny tiny food processor.

Some alterations:
1) These did NOT cook in the time allotted. It said they’d be done in 12-15 minutes total? I baked for 22. That was 10 minutes to put the extra chips on top and then another 12 to make the centers solid.
2) I probably overmixed because of the blender. So the dough wasn’t as solid. I ended up filling only 1.5 trays of muffin tins, but they still turned out pretty small.

Verdict: they are edible. Are they perfect? Not really, but it’s enough to get some sort of guilt-free chocolate kick. And with the greek yogurt included, there is a little bit of protein there. (There weren’t any nutrition facts on the recipe page except for a calorie count.)


Cookies for Breakfast

Yes, you read that right. I made cookies on Sunday that are supposed to be my breakfast for the remainder of the week. However, the carb count is still to be determined, so it’s throwing my breakfast sugars under the bus.

Mmm... nutrition

Mmm… nutrition

Here is the recipe.

As you can see, no refined sugar nor flour. It’s basically an oatmeal cookie made with fruit and peanut butter. The protein count is supposedly off the chart. So I made them thinking this would be a great alternative to my missing English muffins.

The problem is the whole “homemade” aspect of it. Sure, I like knowing that what I’m putting into my system is healthy, organic, fresh, and not processed. With the exception of the extract and the protein powder, I feel pretty confident eating this. And the original blogger even gave us the nutrition facts. How nice! That’s something you don’t ever really find for insulin pumping purposes.

Except they aren’t quite accurate or don’t factor in the tiny bit of chocolate chips that I added in. Guess I should have read closer.

The original nutrition facts say 11.8 carbs for a cookie. This assumes that there are 16 in a batch and you didn’t add chocolate chips.

I made 9. Yikes. That’s quite a difference in size to batch ratio. And full of melted chocolate. Yum! (Well that explains my crappy glucose control.)

Some other edits besides making these ginormous cookies.

  • I used crushed almonds as my “nuts.” I didn’t have anything else. I probably should have used almond butter instead of peanut butter. Lesson learned.
  • I used regular oats rather than quick. They are a little bigger than those pictured in the original blog.
  • I didn’t have butter extract. I have no idea what that is or where to find it. She said it was optional, so…

Taste wise… I’ll be honest. I don’t know if I’d like them without chocolate chips. They are pretty bland otherwise. But reheated in the morning with my cup of coffee and a hard boiled egg is nice and quick.

Detoxing is… colorful


The designer in me couldn’t let my lunchtime salad be asymmetrical. (Except, those avocados off to the side are fired…)

Here is what you have:

  • 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese (I use Trader Joe’s. Every other brand makes me gag.)
  • Some grape tomatoes
  • Some cucumber slices
  • Half an avocado (I LURVE avocado.)
  • Cracked black pepper

Less than 5-ish carb grams! Tons o’ protein.

But I had a banana to make my insulin pump feel like it was still useful. (And a snickerdoodle that my co-worker brought in from home, shhhh.)

I barely got through the salad because it’s pretty filling for just some veggies and cheese. (The banana probably helped.)