It Gets Old

Long story short. I went in last Tuesday to my doctor’s office to be seen for a possible ear infection. The ears were clear, but I most likely had a lingering sinus infection. I opted out of antibiotics because it seemed I was getting better.

By Thursday, the post-nasal drip and swollen lymph nodes returned as they had all December so I agreed to the antibiotics. By Friday morning, I had a fever and body aches. And on Sunday, I was diagnosed with the flu.

Bogus! I even got my shot for the first time in YEARS.

Sunday was not easy. I was on my 3rd day of a low grade fever that wouldn’t quit and remember waking up a number of times during the course of the morning to correct high blood sugars. Around 7:30 am, and after a test yielding a 183 mg/dl, I started feeling really sick to my stomach. My ears started to close up, which is usually a sign that I’m going to 1) throw up or 2) pass out. So I started stumbling to our hall bathroom and ended up falling in the hallway. (On my left shoulder – ouch.) Hubby drove me over to Urgent Care an hour later. An hour and a half in the waiting room, I finally see a doctor, who confirms my flu diagnosis and prescribes Tamiflu.

So, between antibiotics for a sinus infection, an antiviral for the flu, and large amounts of insulin to counter my ketones and high blood sugars, my stomach hasn’t been happy for the last few days. (Tamiflu also names nausea and vomiting as a side affect.)

I’m about half way through the doses of Tamiflu, and the nausea is getting a bit less severe. I even went back to work today for a half day. (Leaving shortly before my first dose of the day was due.)

But this is getting really draining and old. I miss dance. I miss being social. I miss being able to go somewhere and not having to steal away to blow my nose. I had a lot of plans to start going to yoga or seek alternative means of exercise and I haven’t been able to. I’m pretty much done with “taking a break” and want to get back to being active again. (On the bright side, I’m making some headway in my Netflix queue.)

Is this week over yet?


Taking the Good with the Bad

Being sick while unemployed is not a fun experience. The motivation that was already waning because of the dead-end interviews is now at an all time low due to the fact that my throat is on fire. But there is no rest for the wicked, as sitting around at home watching old Disney movies doesn’t get job interviews. I have one tomorrow morning and I really hope that I don’t sneeze on my interviewer.

However, let’s look at is this way. Each time I’ve had an interview, someone else calls me to schedule another one for a different opportunity. They aren’t all worth exploring.  (And according to the book, Surviving a Layoff, I started this whole job hunt thing all wrong. Apparently I was supposed to sit and mourn my loss first.) But I apply for everything I could possibly be qualified for because 1) I need benefits and 2) I need to survive. I suppose turning down interviews is a good problem to have.  I just wish something more interesting and challenging pops up.

Being sick and working part time with no benefits also has a downfall – when you are sick, you can’t get paid if you don’t come in. And since the State doesn’t seem to want understand my Unemployment Claim Forms, I haven’t received any benefits yet. At this rate, I might actually have a full time job before I get any money at all. On the other hand – I have a job, albeit a very part time one. I’ve heard it’s easier to get another job when you are currently employed. Though – the headhunter that interviewed me thought it was funny I was still working there because my paychecks essentially pay for the gas that gets me there. Guess I can’t complain too much – I still get to see my friends a bunch.

With show in two weeks, perhaps resting for a few days would be a better idea.