Friday Five – Super Birthday Weekend Edition

Happy Friday! I gain another level of perceived maturity on Monday (haha), so here is my Birthday Edition of Friday Five.

1) I actually started off my day pretty poorly. My (day 7) sensor finally failed me sometime in the middle of last night, leaving me with a fasting BG of 233. I finally bring myself to insert a new sensor into my thigh, which didn’t hurt much, but when it came to actually hooking up the transmitter, my green light of life WOULD NOT turn on. Great. After gearing myself up for this dramatic occasion, the sensor just doesn’t want to work. I finally head to work with my transmitter, hoping it just needed more time to marinate. It did. It’s working fine now.

2) As I’m getting older, I’m beginning to wonder if working in an office is really what I want to do for the rest of my life. Considering how bored and under-utilized I am now, I feel like I’d be better suited as an independent or consultant. But this would mean the end of group benefits and consistent pay to fund my medical condition. As it turns out, I’m not just chained to a desk for the rest of my life because I have no other talents, but because my life depends on it. I told the hubs that I was having a mid-life crisis and that he should watch out because I might come home with a Ferrari. He found me one on Amazon and said I could buy it.

3) Ever have those nightmares where you plan a party and no one actually shows up? That was me this morning. Might have had something to do with the fact that I almost got into a car accident on the way to work. And I have two meetings going on which I planned for this organization, alone, for the first time – and I’m not there to help fix things that go wrong. Luckily the only thing that has gone wrong thus far is paperwork. But still.

4) I really need a vacation. Again.

5) I told my swing instructor, finally, that my ballroom instructor and I wouldn’t be throwing together a swing routine any time soon, due to travel finances and that whole “I want a kid” thing. His response was “Babies are awesome! Please have one soon so I can play with him/her before and after our lessons. :D” Yes – I’ll get right on that. It made my day a little brighter nonetheless.


Friday Five: Multi-Media Edition

Hola fans! It’s Friday! Thank goodness. It’s the first weekend in a while that I have NOTHING planned. So I full intend to sit on my ass and watch movies for two days straight. Maybe. (I guess I’ll throw some housework in there too.)

1) I haven’t had a clean “install” of a sensor since last week, so I’ve been avoiding it until this morning. My last attempt was on no-no zone – the left side of my abdomen. I’ve never had luck placing a sensor there because of my rock solid abs 20+ years of scar tissue. I tried it Tuesday night and it never picked up a good signal, so it was out by Wednesday evening. It was bent in half.

2) I grabbed everything I could possibly need for my semi-long day today… except for a new vial of strips. I have two left to last me until 6:30 pm. I just started a new sensor. And I have a lesson later. I guess I AM going home at lunch.

3) Briley posted JDRF’s new PR video this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed what their creative team put together. Short, positive, and to the point. No dementors needed. (I’m looking at YOU World Diabetes Day.)

4) The studio experienced a bit of Murphy’s Law yesterday. It was the first day we were open under the new ownership and we were optimistic that things would go off without a hitch. It was also the day that ALL TECHNOLOGY FAILED. So – no credit card machines… no phones… no internet… I’ve never been so excited to see people write checks in my life.

5) Oh. This video. How can you NOT have a happy Friday after watching this?

Friday Five – Post Holiday Meltdown Edition

1) Okay – maybe that’s a bit extreme. My blood sugars could have been a LOT worse yesterday than they were. I topped off at 303 mg/dl and kinda just stayed between 180 – 250 for the rest of the afternoon. I finally just over-bolused for my dinner and came safely back down to 80-ish by bedtime. However, it appears I still need more basal insulin in the early morning hours because my 3 am checks still yield results in the 160s. Sigh.

2) I fell asleep at 9:30 pm and missed all fireworks displays. I didn’t really care. Between my pain killers, the 100+ degree heat and humidity, and the fact that I watched the hubs run a 10K at 8 am that morning took a toll on my energy level for the whole day. Plus – all the food and wonky blood sugars? I was happy my 4th was fairly low-key.

3) I woke up from my slumber to discover that Medtronic has voluntarily recalled my model of pump reservoirs.┬áBut apparently not my Lot of supplies. Otherwise, I’d have to send in 7 boxes and play the waiting game. If you kick it old school and use a Medtronic Paradigm… check your boxes.

4) The studio hosts a contest every July to boost revenue and referrals. Everyone is put on a team and gets points for attending classes, bringing in new people, participating in special events, etc. I’m on the Blue Team this year. This makes Blue Fridays that much easier to participate in. I have lots of blue sparkles that I need to make use of.

5) My head made it through yesterday with little incident. (Sans the slight pressure I got when laying down to sleep on my right side.) My doctor follow up is today and I’ve been referred to get an MRI. The problem is that most of my triggers occur with loud noises. MRIs are very loud. Even with earplugs, I’m not really sure how I’m going to survive that 20 minutes.