Friday Five: Extended Weekend Edition

1) Hey – I have a Twitter account. You can follow me and it won’t be creepy. Sometimes I post there more often than I do here because it doesn’t require much thought. @seejendance or click the feed below.

2) Speaking of Twitter, I posted a question that I might have better luck getting answered here. I’m traveling for another swing convention this weekend and my sensor decided to go ape-shit crazy soon after I left the house. I really, REALLY need an accurate idea of what the ol’ BGs are doing during all the comps and late night dancing. But – I have this fine gauge, 1 inch long needle to somehow dispose of while not in the comfort of my own home. I didn’t bring a sharps container with me because that’s awkward. I did bring my old Safe-Clip (not this one exactly… the old orange ones.) What do you do with sharps when you travel?

3) There has been a large forest fire burning in Yosemite for the last couple weeks. It’s mostly affected Reno, parts of Tahoe, and other areas along the Cali/Nevada border in terms of smoke. However, my neck of the woods smells like a giant gas grill burning last week’s chicken. Plus it’s hot and humid. I’m very excited to be leaving promptly after work. I don’t think my allergies would hang very well.

4) Is isolationism really that bad? Maybe I should be moving the Switzerland. They have a better health care system, right? </semi political rant that isn’t safe anywhere on my Facebook wall>

5) Today, there was a “town hall meeting” in my neck of the woods for Covered California – an organization offering affordable health care options for the uninsured in California. I thought it was formed to comply with ACA, but I’m not so sure because it doesn’t mention anything about it on their website. Anyway – since health insurance is the bane of my existence important to me, I decided to check it out and see what could be offered to me. In a nutshell, there are four plans available. If you make less than a certain amount of money per year, you could get access to cheaper plans, which are a lower monthly premium each month. However, you pay an arm and leg for appointments and prescriptions. The higher end plans have lower, more reasonable co-pays, but you’ll drop about $480 per month for that luxury. <sigh> Guess it’s group insurance for me and I’ll be holding on to this COBRA plan for as long as humanly possible.

Have a good, extended last weekend of Summer!