Where Am I and What Am I Doing Here?

I’ve been asking this a lot.

And I’m sure you have too since I haven’t really posted anything in the last week.

I’m here… mostly. Like many, I seem to be experiencing a bit of an inspirational dry spell when it comes to content. That, and I’m just busy. But not really “fun busy.” The 9-5 job picked up a bit, but it’s simply busy work and herding a few cats that don’t want to be penned up. And since everyone is slammed and traveling, I can’t really justify blogging at my desk anymore.

I had my first real encounter, as an adult, with someone who knows of this great natural remedy/treatment/pill/thing that lowers blood sugar. I can’t really remember the name. It was loud where we were speaking and I kind of tuned out after she said, “you should try this… my husband’s on it.” <sigh> I’ll shelve it with all the roots and cinnamon myths that my parents dealt with when I was a kid.

This was after my rant about how the medical insurance industry is ruining my dreams of working for myself. Or just having decent insurance… which I kissed good-bye today. Apparently, you can’t have COBRA health insurance AND group coverage at the same time. So when my group coverage kicked in on the 1st, my COBRA was deactivated on the 31st. There goes my $1800 deductible. At least Medtronic just kept sending me supplies for my pump without charge for the last 6 months. I kind of have a bit of a stockpile in my home office. But my new insurance is terrible… just… ugh.

It’s also been an emotionally draining week. Between arguing with my mom about whether I should start searching for another job because I dislike the backasswards thinking and the fact that my talents reach beyond being someone’s assistant, but it’ll look bad on my resume. Insulting a close friend unintentionally thus causing me to rethink all of my interactions, both past and present, and wondering if I’ve dug the hole too deep this time. Listening to my husband’s complaint about the local weather and desire to move elsewhere and faintly considering it. Wondering if I’m just an emotional weepy mess because of hormones or stress or all of the above – which means my cycle starts again… and I’m probably not pregnant again… and how much longer do we need to go before we consult a pro?

On the bright side, I did learn today that it’s National Hug Day. Because the interwebz said so and stuff. I’m sure my problems may seem like mindless drivel to others with much bigger fish to fry. So I offer a collective hug to my readers for taking the time to peer into my reality, or, a virtual hug to console you if it’s needed. Or if it’s not needed. Or something.