Some Days Are Just Bad


Or nights.

Dude, seriously, WTF happened? I was fine all day and then at like midnight, everything went to hell. And I’m STILL fighting with them.

Site has been changed and SWAGs (scientific wild ass guesses) are being administered. If it continues, I may just start with a fresh vile o’ meds. Y’know, take advantage of my free drug coverage while I can.

And to think I was complaining about all my lows just two days ago.

Happy Friday?


Ugh… Diabetes: 1 Me: 0

I had one of those days where I seemingly ate a steady diet… and my blood sugars just misbehaved.

I was also particularly upset that I scarfed down two (really gross) veggie protein sausages with my whole grain Eggos this morning in an effort diversify the meal and was high for most of the morning.

And an average lunch that I always have shot me up to 280 two hours post meal.

I think this was payback for going to sushi (again) last night.

Well played, diabetes. Well played.


ETA: Okay – this made me laugh. Download the PDF at the bottom.