Why Can’t Every Day Be Saturday?

Another comment from my endo appointment this last week: “Your sugars are elevated everywhere… except Saturday. What was going on Saturday? If you can just repeat Saturday for the rest of your life, you’ll be set.”


Done. Except, today is Saturday.

With the exception of the slight low in the late morning and its corresponding rebound (still trying to figure if it’s the increased basal or bolus), this was a pretty delightful day. I’m not really sure what I’m doing differently other than NOT sitting at a desk for 8 hour straight. I also returned to the dance studio last night for their annual Valentines/Mardi Gras party. (Perhaps too soon for my health and flu recovery, but it was still calories burned.) Maybe this is just a really nice hangover. Guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow when I return to my v. waltz choreography for a full hour and a half.

I also purchased this:


Oh Snap!

I don’t know WHY I’d need 1000 Watts of power in a blender. Or why I needed to spend THIS kind of money on a blender. (Hey, at least it wasn’t this kind of money.) But for $30 less, I could have gotten a 2 Star rated blender. This is a 4.5 star. There is also a ninja on the box. All other arguments are invalid. Margaritas Smoothies all around!