Sleep is for the weak



I woke up at 6 am on Saturday, which was the first time I had done so in almost two weeks. While it would seem that I’d be sleeping soundly without the stress of work, but I’m finding that I have different alarms waking me up at all hours of the evening. Yes – apparently my CGM is working now.

It’s not that I’m running dramatically low in the evenings. In fact, once I come down off my dinner/evening high, I run fairly stable in the low 80s/mid 70s until I wake up the next morning. However, my CGM has a tendency to drift when I hit that sweet spot. So I’ll alarm at 74 or lower when I’m actually an acceptable range with no actual trend downward. I don’t, however, want to change the low alarm ¬†setting because a low alarm will also mean that I’m 60 and dropping.

The same happens when I am trending higher and my correction hasn’t kicked in yet.

I also get Calibration Errors, Calibration reminders, Sensor Errors, and Sensor End notifications at around 4 am. Sadly, I’m sure the calibration reminders could be avoided with better planning – but the other items? Can’t predict errors.

And if it’s not the noises and vibrating waking me up, it’s my Type A personality checking my sensor data every 10 minutes after a recorded high or low. Did the food work? Did the insulin correction start bringing me down quickly? Too quickly? Maybe I should get up, again, to check to make sure.

4 am and I are becoming fast frienemies. This is not the time I should be starting to give up caffeine. But maybe this will just prep me for the early morning feedings and diaper changes that I hope to have in my future.