TrialNet: The Results Are In…

…And Bean tested negative for the autoantibodies for Type 1 diabetes. So her risk, for now, is minimal. Woo hoo!

TrialNet will continue to send annual reminders and kits to be tested up until she turns 18.

For now, here is one thing we won’t share in common. Now, if we can just work on the overdramatic tantrums…


Well, that’s over with…

Both Bean and I had the day off today. (I from work, and daycare was closed.) We braved the rain and finally made it to the Lab. Yes – it was TrialNet day.

Finally. Part procrastination, part scheduling challenges hindered this little experiment. One vial of blood took nearly three months to draw.

She did so well. There were tears, of course. I got flashbacks of me in my mom’s lap during blood draws as a child. The ugly lab chair with the fold down arm. The white walls. The only thing missing were the stickers on the band-aid. (Though, I could have lived without the strange waft of cigarette smoke in the lobby, which I couldn’t explain.)

So now we wait.



Yes. I know. I’m aware that I signed Bean up for this and need to take her to get blood drawn. But, considering she crocodile-rolls at the mere sight of a changing table, good luck trying to find a vein in her arm to draw a vial of blood. (And last I heard, Quest isn’t the greatest for pediatric blood draws.)

I keep meaning to call our hospital lab… but. Yeah. I’m about as enthused about taking her in as I am about finding out my latest A1c. (Silver lining – at least I’m not trying to get pregnant right now.)

Someone motivate me.