Rise and Fall

Rise and fall is a characteristic of Smooth and Standard Waltz, a ballroom dance set to music in 3/4 time. Here is a recognizable example of waltz from pop culture:

(And hell, Pasha is just fun to drool over… even in a full suit.)

Rise and fall has also been a characteristic of my blood sugars as of late. Granted, I’m barely tipping over the 200 mark on upswings, which is kind of nice for a change, but my new pump settings seem to be working overtime. I tried lowering my target range because that’s what the pregnancy police expect. (An ideal range between 80 and 105.) This range will add a correction based on your sensitivity if your current blood sugar is above that before a meal, in the middle of the night, or when the wind blows differently, etc.

I’ve also been experimenting with a much different diet. Protein shakes, quinoa, fresh meals, higher protein, carbs from fruit, etc.

So for the past two mornings, I’ve woke up around 150ish. I administer a correction. I eat my quinoa bars from two days ago. And hour later, I’m at the 120 mark and most likely falling. Fabulous. I try to stop my impending low with some milk or something similar. By hour two, I’m in the 50s. Eat and raise blood sugar. Two hours later I’ve rebounded. Correct. Eat lunch. Repeat vicious cycle.

Apparently I miss my multi grain english muffins with almond butter a LOT.

So I tweaked my settings again, making my target range 85-110 and upping my sensitivity to 45 points, rather than 40.

I have no idea. Can I get my old pump back? At least it was predictable.