Shameless Plug

Since I have an audience in the DOC and beyond, I might as well post here.

My dance studio/second home/place of employment is up for a local business competition sponsored by a network news station. It’s mostly bragging rights, but it serves as free promotion for the studio and its teachers. (And if they make money, I can keep my job!)

Votes can come from anywhere, so help us out by signing up with a SPAM email or two.

The contest just re-opened today, so we are doing really well. 😛 But every vote counts and will come into play closer to May when the contest ends.

Sharing is appreciated, though not required. Thanks!


Swing, Swang, Swung


First – a shameless blog note. I officially have 50 followers. Yay! I mean, I know there are others that follow via other means (RSS feeds, etc), but Word Press now says I have 50 via the Word Press feed or via email. So hello all!

I spent my weekend living the swing convention dream by trying to fit in lots of late night dancing, socializing, and competing into 4 days. Half the time was spent corralling my blood sugar control. All efforts proved to be ineffective. Lots of unexplained lows paired with extreme rebounds. (Much like… aha!… a swing.)

This would have been a fantastic weekend to use a CGM… which will apparently be here on Friday. (sigh)

I tried to do a reduced temp basal, but the problem with swing conventions is that it’s not a steady stream of activity to warrant that kind of a reduction. I’ll dance for 15 minutes straight, then stop for another 45 to watch a contest. And then maybe 5 minutes of dancing in between. Since I appear to be way sensitive to basal rates, a 5% reduction sends my sugars into unsafe territory. But – as soon as I correct, I’m hypoglycemic. I went through about 2 full rolls of glucose tabs, a lot of fruit snacks and granola bars. And in a rare moment, I found it necessary to shoot a packet of sugar. Which was disgusting. You just do what you gotta do, I guess.

I did realize that, now that my morning basals are fixed, my breakfast bolus rate is now too high. That’s been reduced to start my week with. (And that sort of worked this morning.)

Also – bacon and eggs taste pretty good at midnight.

It’s a Good Dance Friday

Another swing convention weekend under way. I compete tonight and tomorrow morning. (Erm – afternoon.) Lots of late night dancing to be had.

And totally found out the name of a song that I’ve been searching for since a comp in November! (It can’t be that no one’s played it since, but…)

Such a fun song to play with on the floor. Happy Friday!

Spare a Rose, Save a Child Campaign

I am not a huge fan of V-Day. But I’ll put aside my disdain for this Hallmark Holiday to let you know about this DOC project.

Between now and Valentine’s Day, the Diabetic Online Community is pulling together to try and raise money for the Life for a Child campaign. I know I bitch and moan about my medical expenses here, but I’m considered a lucky duck just because I have insurance to cover all of my nice things. Some T1 children can’t even afford the insulin to keep them alive. The idea is that you donate 1/12 of the cost of a dozen roses. That’ll probably cover someone’s care who could really use it. (And flowers die, kids! Spend your money on something more worth while.)

You can read more about it here, here, and here.

The image above and the lovely banner on my side bar take you to where you can donate.

To sweeten the incentive, I’m having a contest similar to Karen over at Bitter Sweet. But I don’t knit. At all. (Oh – the horrors!) I do dance. And I like sparkly things. So I’ve teamed up with a dance friend of mine who runs a rhinestone and dress design biz. We’re going to come up with something fabulous, shiny, and Blue Friday appropriate. (Most likely an accessory/piece of jewelry.) All you have to do is donate and then comment below. Then I’ll pick a winner via random draw on Friday. (Please allow two weeks post V-Day.)

These could be fun...

These could be fun…

Weekly Photo Challenge: My Dance 2012 in Pictures

Weekly Photo Challenge:

My 2012 in Pictures. Do I need to say more? And you knew this was going to be a multi-photo challenge! Make sure you include picture captions to explain to people what they’re seeing, and experiment with the tiled galleries I love so much.

Since dance is a huge part of my life, here are my top 10 dance related photos from the year. I had some big moments, so 10 doesn’t really cover it. Click on each for a caption.

Awww, I feel all warm and fuzzy…

After the day I had, it was nice to see this Pingbacked to me. Thanks rarasaur for the nod. She was one of my first followers. Since I’m new to the blogsphere, I’m guessing these are kind of like chain letters you used to get. (Answer these questions and then tag erry’body you know.)

Since I don’t follow many new bloggers yet, I won’t tag this on. But I’ll answer the questions. 🙂

1) What can you say about dreams?  They happen. I’m often caught in the middle of one as my mind wanders during the day, or while I drive. Mostly dreaming up new choreography for a song stuck on repeat.
) If the sky is not blue, what color would you like it to be? PURPLE
) What is your favorite work of art? Starry Night or a really sick piece of showcase choreography.


It’s another convention weekend, which means I’m high-tailing it to Chico for some fabulous west coast swing dancing, classes, and competitions. And it’s supposed to downpour all weekend long. At least I’ll be indoors for most of it.

And then it’ll officially be December and my showcase will be in 2 weeks. GAH!

It’s Not a Toomah!

Yes – the famous line from Ah-nold’s quasi-action movie, Kindergarten Cop. And often what I say, in jest, when people question the insulin pump under all of my dance costumes.

Of course I love ballroom dance because it’s highly social, is goal oriented, and is a huge part of my exercise regiment. But let’s face it. Who wouldn’t want to prance around in all of those fancy, glittery ballgowns that you see on Dancing with the Stars? I have a number of “oooh… shiny” moments when it comes to selecting outfits for upcoming showcases and competitions. (West Coast Swing comps are much more laid back, but I still like to sparkle.)


Hmm, I’ll just put my pump… no where? (Melissa and Tony from DWTS All Stars)

The problem with most, if not all, dance clothing is that everything is made of skin tight lycra or spandex, allowing all movement of the body to be showcased. As well as all of your bulges, flaws, and rectangular battery powered devices that keep you alive. Now for most performances, I generally disconnect for the times I’m on stage (10 minutes total max). But sometimes I have to plan where my site is because maybe my dress is backless. Or if I disconnect with a tight dress, I get this cool plastic nub under my costumes.

I’ve also taken nice little pump vacations and head back on lantus for a week; I’ve found this to be easier than connecting and reconnecting backstage and fighting the adrenaline and stress highs. But, then I’m on shots for a week. Ugh…

However, it’s a little more complicated for rehearsals and practices that I want to wear my costume and my pump. It’s not so much the awkward lines I suddenly create. It’s figuring out where to place the pump so that it doesn’t fall out during a lift that is a bigger problem. Even with all of the bands, garters, and clips out there, it’s generally best for me to just keep practicing in sweat pants with pockets until the very last minute. I’ve had my pump grabbed, my wire caught on my partner, had the pump leg band fall mid-run of a routine, had the pump fall out of my pocket, jab my partner in strange places… etc. Often, a ballroom dance costume is all one piece with built in leotards. So good luck with trying to hook the pump on anything isn’t at risk of ripping, shedding a few rhinestones, or whatever.

This is why I like competing in west coast swing so much these days. I can wear PANTS. With POCKETS. And I can hide my wire safely away from leaders with crazy octopus arms. It’s amazing.

But – again, I still love dancing, albeit the unique reflections I create in a mirror. And the shiny rhinestones. Lots and lots of rhinestones.


Wheee! What a fantastical weekend!

I’m semi-recovered from the sleep deprivation and three days of hotel food. (Though, I’ve learned… bring your own snacks and breakfasts to save money.) But – luckily, my blood sugars survived with no crazy problems except for some fairly dramatic lows. To be expected, I guess, when you are running on a higher basal rate than normal, you aren’t sure what you are eating, and you are dancing for 5 hours straight. In high elevation. To be honest, I expected the opposite to happen. But – at least I was able to enjoy my meals, and a late night pizza slice.

I entered three contests and placed fairly high in all of them with my respective partners. I am now recognized by the World Swing Dance Council, along with a good chunk of novice points. I had some of the funnest comp dances with one of my really good friends. And got to hang out with some friends that I haven’t seen in a while. (Also, I really suck at Cards Against Humanity.)

I actually got to council a couple of my friends who have a newly diagnosed diabetic cat. The struggles and frustrations they are encountering are fairly similar, as I can imagine, to what my parents went through when I was diagnosed as a toddler. Feline diabetes isn’t much different from human diabetes. The pre-diagnosis symptoms are similar; cats need to have their blood sugar tested like us; cats can be insulin dependent. The huge difference is communication – cats can’t give verbal cues if their blood sugars are low. Or high. And even though cats can take the same types of insulin that we can, you aren’t really sure what effect it’ll have on an animal.

So I’m interested in doing more research about it. If anyone has any insight, please post below.

Convention Weekend

It’s a west coast swing convention weekend! So I’ll be MIA for a few days.

Conventions involve west coast swing competitions, workshops with top pros in the biz, and super late night dancing.

If you’ve never seen WCS, here is a fabulous example.

Being a diabetic, you always end up packing way more than you need because you have to constantly be prepared for just about anything. So my bag consists of:

1.5 bottles of insulin
3 infusion sets and resevoirs for the pump
AAA Batteries
A box of fruit snacks
A bottle of glucose tabs
Two bottles of test strips
Meal replacement bars
Peanut butter
English muffins
Mini bags of almonds
About 5 pairs of shoes (includes the three dance pairs)
Banana bread that is dairy free, that I made last night!
Sugar Free Red Bull
Diet Root Beer
Clothes… lots of clothes

And whipped cream vodka.

I’m going away for a WEEKEND!

After you’ve been competing a while, you learn that hotel food is REALLY expensive and full of nasty ass carbs that don’t fill you up. So I’m bringing the buffet to my hotel room to share with my four other roommates.

Other fun things I’ve learned: the pump is your best friend. Because seriously, I’ll skip lunch, stress out about my comp, run SKY HIGH for the time being (which is better than low as passing out on the comp floor is generally frowned upon), eat random hotel food, take a nap, stay up dancing until 2 or 3 am. Rinse, repeat.

But – it’s fun! Right? And exercise. I guess. With alcohol… definitely.

Oh and I dug out my medical ID. Guilt trip successful.