Wordless Wednesday: Waste Not?


The final piece of my deductible spending arrived today. Yup, that’s 1000 test strips right there. Since I seem to be going through a vial every 2 days, this may last me three months. Maybe. But honestly, these would have fit in a small Amazon box.

This is what it came in:

IMG_0578Cat not included.

ONE box was in one of those plastic bags. ONE! The others were grouped in threes. I thought maybe they were pre packaged and someone is just grabbing stuff on a shelf. Nope. Why would you package ONE box in that giant plastic bag?


Wordless Wednesday: Holiday Baking Edition


Many hours on Pinterest led me these! Of course, I had to make them slightly different and use much more fun sprinkles.

I suppose you could make them with Splenda, but why? The Candy Cane Kiss in the middle pretty much negates the effort. But – I did use whole wheat flour for 90% of my holiday baking this year.

The dough and cookies are a little “grainier” than normal, but everything tastes the same, really. I’m sure it all breaks down to about the same carb count in the end, but at least it’s a bit slower.