On Treadmills and Fancy Dress

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I posted to my friends on Facebook today that I wondered if Viennese Waltz could be done on a treadmill because that’s kind of the sensation I was feeling today at work. Others describe this as “spinning your wheels” or “running nowhere fast.” I felt I needed something more dramatic, so I added in the challenge of a really fast, rotating dance, where you sometimes just have to shut up and hold on for 3 minutes. It was determined that this could be done as long as I had a “double wide” treadmill or maybe at an airport with empty people movers. I joked to my teacher that I had come up with a fantastic new showcase idea.

With the stress at work rising, I’m finding little time to actually take care of myself. The only reason I remembered to eat lunch today was because I started a dinner-time basal test and my phone’s alarms are set for every two hours starting at 12:20 pm. (I failed the test by dropping to 63 mg/dl at around 6:00 pm.) And unless those alarms go off, I just don’t really pay attention to how fast time is going by and how quickly my sugars are rising or falling. Control? What control? Thus, my blood sugars also feel like v. waltzing on a treadmill and they get ignored until someone falls off the end.


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