CGM Misses You


I spent most of yesterday recovering from dehydration. Apparently, when you are sick, drinking water is important. Go figure.

My [early] rough morning began with my CGM alarming at 4:30 am. BG METER NOW!!! it said. With enthusiasm. Or panic.

Well, at least that is what I assumed it said. I couldn’t actually focus my eyes to read it. I’ve had this happen before. If I wake up too suddenly, the room spins to a nauseating state for a bit and I’m back to normal after I wake up a bit. This was a bit different. I felt ill. Like – I’m going to lose my non-existant stomach contents if I don’t lie back down. But – a calibration was due and I needed to double check that I wasn’t going to pass out from hypoglycemia. I stumble down the hall avoiding obstacles my circling, hungry cat.

138 mg/dl. Not even close to passing out nor what my CGM was recording before I was rudely awakened. Fine. The calibration will fix it.

10 minutes later. CALIBRATION ERROR!!!!1!!

No, damnit! I want to sleep/make the room stop spinning.

If my memory served me well in this near drunken state, my post calibration errors generally mean I’m going to get a BAD SENSOR error any time now. I was already having issues with it earlier that day, so I just did what any normal person would do and removed the sensor… at 4:45 am. Ah – back to bed with no more alarms and a continuous spinning state. Yay?!

I spend most of my day chugging water and trying not to throw up on my dance instructors. (WHY did it have to be V Waltz?!) My next logical step would have been to insert a new sensor before bed yesterday. However, with Show next weekend, I’m planning to take a “pump vacation” to accommodate the quick change Olympics that never seem to serve my basals properly. So as much as I hate Lantus with a passion, it’s a safer bet than trying to reconnect/disconnect ad nauseum. [Peanut gallery says: I see what you did there.]

Rather than waste a sensor that I’m going to have to rip out pre-maturely due to my self-tanning adventures, I figured I would just go without for two weeks. (The pump is going too, but later.) I mean, I had for so long and my sugars are fairly stable. At my Endo appointment on Monday, I couldn’t recall the last epically high blood sugar I’ve had. (Woot!) There wouldn’t be a need for early detection for just a couple of weeks, right? What’s the worse that could happen?

I go to sleep after treating an epic 59 mg/dl. In true fashion, I overtreat and bolus a random amount before bed after realizing I forgot to earlier. Oops. Whatever. I’m exhausted.

4:00 am rolls around again. Wide awake. This time, I’m not stumbling around, but I’m ultimately curious what I’m doing BG wise. I’m sure I’m fine.

Meter: 274 mg/dl

CGM from my Supply Closet: HA-HA! [/Nelson laugh]

Me: …


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