Far From Silent

Silent night, holy night… 

Not really. Bean’s sleep patterns are about as erratic as my pregnancy blood sugars and keeping up with this blog.

Since it’s a particularly SLOW time at work, I figured I would check in. Say Happy Holidays and whatnot.


By the way, I haven’t been completely out of the diabetic online community loop. Most of my time has been spent in Facebook groups helping future and current sleep-deprived moms on everything from eating carbs while pregnant (which is a huge undertaking) to breastfeeding. And of course, throwing my signature dry humor around to those who need a swift kick in the pants.

But the more and more I speak to these moms, the more I realize that there is a lot of missing information out there about being a mom with diabetes. So, between the holidays and the quiet space I have at work, I’ll post a few tidbits of information which I’ve learned over the past 14 months+. Maybe I’ll return to blogging in 2016? Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves – I keep saying I’ll get back into dancing full time again, but that hasn’t happened.

Anyway, here is a photo for your troubles.


Have a great holiday!


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