Why Not Just Test?

I’ve gotten lazy.

Not to the point that my A1C is out of range, but I’m using the Dexcom as my blood glucose monitor a little too often.

And who wouldn’t – especially when there is a five-alarm high (literally) at 2 am and bed is too comfy to bounce out and finger stick. Especially since the FDA recently approved (eh, sort of old news now) the Dexcom G5 readings to dose insulin.

My issue is that my Dexcom has never accurately captured blood sugar readings over 220 mg/dl. (Maybe once in a blue moon… or on day 8 of a sensor life only.) I will hang tight at 210 mg/dl, stable, and unwavering. But a fingerstick will yield a very different (usually higher) result.

This needs to be taken into consideration with middle of the night dosing. I have been having issues with my bedtime snack bolus (if I have something) and crashing at midnight. Enter midnight juicebox. (And I do get up and test for those.)

Juicebox rebounds and my alarm sounds at 2 or 3 am with a high BG alert. I’m mad for several reasons: 1) it’s the second time tonight I have been woken up; 2) I’ve been skirting my high alarm threshold for several hours; 3) I’m definitely higher than what my Dexcom is telling me.

But rather than treating that 195 mg/dl accurately and having some semblance of a good fasting blood sugar, I opt to treat the 160 I woke up with. And then wake up two hours later needing another correction. This probably could have been avoided if I just got up again and verified the correct blood sugar.

And yes, I’m overanalyzing 35 points difference in my blood sugar and being annoyed by it.  Sigh.


One thought on “Why Not Just Test?

  1. Rick Phillips says:

    One thing we sometimes overlook is that the meter is not always accurate. In fact at high or low readings, all sensors (yes the meter is a type of sensor) are notoriously unreliable. I also use my sensor to dose. But, I also tend to test too much, so maybe I am taking up the slack.

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