Basals Work You



Well… that’s exciting.

Another round of basal testing today. This time, trying my morning rates out. I woke up at 5:30 am, which isn’t normal. (Usually I can sleep in a bit longer.) But I have class today, so I work earlier.

Started the day off at 120. Not fantastic, but I’ll take it. I shower and prep for the day as normal, sans the whole eating breakfast thing.

Since my form says start the test at 7 am, I recheck again. I’m 182. Hmm. Interesting. Normally, disconnecting for 20 minutes doesn’t affect me THAT much. But – since I need to see where this is going, I don’t correct and head to work.

I feel like crap. All of those weeks of running much lower has made me REALLY aware when my blood sugars are misbehaving. Now, if only I can recognize the lows better. But – another blog post to worry about.

Expecting to be sky high and ending this test early, I test at around 9 am. I’ve dropped. Not much, but enough to tell me that my basals are holding me in one place.

Near the end, I’ve nearly corrected myself to my original blood sugar.

Um, what?



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