Don’t Mind Me… Just Ruining My Average

My further attempts at basal testing seem to only be ruining my well established average.

I can’t seem to get through my tests without dropping lower, which causes me to over treat, and then my sugars sky rocket. (Well… higher than what they have been. 180-240.)

Once again, I’ve proven my docs wrong on their thoughts that I’m administering too little of a basal rate. So my CDE appointment on Tuesday should be really interesting and bring up even more questions. Hmph.

On the docket this week is the showcase dress rehearsal tomorrow, teacher training final exam on Thursday, show on Friday and Saturday, with some last minute practices in between. This on top of work planning, Christmas shopping, baking, cleaning, etc.

I’ll be real surprised if I can keep this fairly decent average going this week. I have a feeling I’m just going to have to write this month off, sadly.


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