#WW: Diabetes Everywhere

I ordered some photos from last weekend’s comp. Two in particular stood out for D-reasons.


I left my med alert bracelet on during the competition and solo performance. Mostly because I was surrounded by a limited amount of people that know about all of my technology. Granted I trust all of them with my life if it came down to it, (two are nurses and one was pre-med at some point) but it was just good to have that piece of mind.

On to the comp dress…


Somewhere in the sparkly mesh, you can see my CGM receiver, which was probably sending distress signals for 10 minutes while I danced without my pump. (It was really inaccurate that morning anyway.) I just like the photo in general, but the cameos of my d-life make them more interesting.

During awards, I put my pump back on and had it hooked on the back of my dress. One of the local pros noticed and asked me, in a very heavy Russian accent, “What iz dat?” I explained that it was my insulin pump. “Oh, does it hurt?” No. Not usually. “Oh, I thought it was battery pack.” My instructor quipped, “Well she is battery powered.” Not too far off of a guess.


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